“We were able to reduce the total run time by almost 40%”

“After a successful test of fluting, we converted all wheels necessary for grinding this tool to Eagle Wheels. We were able to reduce the total run time by almost 40% (from 22 min. to 14 min.) and extend truing intervals by 4X (from 50 parts to 200 parts). With the competitors wheels, we were sticking after every 5 parts. With the new Eagle wheels, we do not have to stick wheel (only after trueing to open it up).”

“Pro Flute 3 removes carbide as fast as Paradigm”

“The Pro Flue 3 removes carbide just as fast (same cycle times) and cleanly (no chipping) as the Paradigm.  Two advantages for the Pro Flute 3:  1)  It acts much harder than the Paradigm, which is a good thing.  While it’s cutting action is basically identical,  we are getting about 50% more parts between dresses. And when we do dress the wheel to clean it out and flatten the face, we are dressing about .001” off the Pro Flute 3, while it takes about .005” off the Paradigm to achieve the same results, therefore significant more wheel life. 2) The Pro Flute is about one-half the cost of the Paradigm.”


“This (ProFlute) wheel is AMAZING”

  Evan Said “I designed a tool program, set up the new wheel with the parameters we discussed. With my hand on the E-Stop, I let it rip.

      This wheel is amazing, It has turned my grinder into a whole new machine.”


“Increased Production by 30%”

Brant Said “I used the 180 grit wheel yesterday for the first time and I must say that it grinds cooler that any course wheel that I have used ever and it has increased my production by 30%.

I am very happy with the wheels, Your attention to detail and customer service is outstanding !”



Fluting Wheel 10 minutes off cycle time

Evan said “Hey that little pro flute 3 wheel (51051) I bought from you guys is really kicking butt.

I cut over 10 minutes off of my total cycle time and could push it a lot more if I wanted. You hit a home run with this one.”