The Best Regulating Wheels

Are your Regulating Wheels providing consistent grip?

Hypergrip rubber matrix technology provides consistent grain exposure and exceptional grip creating a consistent workpiece rotation.

Manufactured using 100% natural rubber and premium virgin abrasive grain.

Wheels delivered in 4 weeks.


Diamond Centerless Grinding Wheels

Are your centerless wheels ready to use right out of the box?

Diamond Centerless Grinding wheels and CBN Centerless Grinding wheels ship dressed, trued, balanced and ready to run right out of the box.

Four different core materials, six different bond options, grit sizes from 60mesh to 4 micron.

The Perfect Centerless Grinding Wheel

EAGLE SUPERABRASIVES has your centerless
grinding wheel needs covered. Our product is proven
at the largest and most demanding grind shops in
the industry.
We produce wheels designed to provide the ultimate
in material removal rates, wheel life and a perfect
mirror-like finish. Each wheel is custom made to your
needs with our six unique bonds and a choice of Billet,
Aluminum, Composite and Ceramic cores.
Our PRO-GRIND WHEELS are produced using
high quality CNC machinery, and rigorously inspected
raw materials ensuring maximum repeatability. This
is followed up by a no compromise 22-step QC
inspection program.
In a recent study, we found that customers
needing centerless wheels really needed solutions
to these issues:

PROBLEM: Truing and dressing wheels.
SOLUTION: Pro-Grind wheels are supplied mounted
and balanced to your wheel adaptor ensuring you a
perfectly true and smooth running wheel right out of
the box.

PROBLEM: Only one choice of core material.
SOLUTION: Pro-Grind wheels can be made on one
of four core materials.

PROBLEM: Lack of customization.
SOLUTION: Pro-Grind wheels come with Six bond

PROBLEM: Limited grit sizes available.
SOLUTION: Pro-Grind wheels are made in grit sizes
from 60 Mesh to 4 Micron.

PROBLEM: 8-12 week delivery.
SOLUTION: Pro-Grind wheels can be made in as little
as three weeks.

PROBLEM: Poor choice of regulating wheels.
SOLUTION: We can supply high-quality regulating

PROBLEM: High freight costs.
SOLUTION: All Pro-Grind wheels ship to you freight free.

Centerless Grinding and Regulating Wheels

PRO-GRIND Centerless grinding and regulating wheels

EAGLE SUPERBRASIVES has all your diamond,
cBN and regulating grinding wheel needs covered.
These wheels are proven at some of the largest
and most demanding customers in the industry.
Whether you are looking for the ultimate in stock
removal, or the perfect mirror-finish, or simply
needing extended throughput, we have you
covered. We manufacture in four bond types:
Resin, Metal, Vitrified and Rubber. Each is
custom-made to your exact requirements.
We use only the highest grade diamond and
cBN materials available and our unique high temperature

resins and fillers ensure you get the
perfect performing wheel. We offer four different
core materials depending on the application or
customer preference.
Typically we prefer to manufacture wheels
mounted and balanced to your adaptor to eliminate
any chance run-out or vibration, then we back it all
up with our fully computerized integrated control
process and our 22-step QC program to offer you
perfectly consistent wheels time after time.
If you are looking for a better option for your
centerless grinding wheels, look no further.