Fluting Time reduced – 4:00 to 2:30

Machine – ANCA Fast Grind MG7

HP = 5

Stock removal .216″

Proflute 2 versus 3M polybond wheel

Traverse rate

Their wheel, 3.5″/min. – Our Wheel, 6.3″/Min.

Tools ground before Dressing

Their Wheel, 12 – Our Wheel, 130

Cycle Time

Their Wheel, 4 minutes – Our Wheel 2:30 minutes

Knocked off almost 40% of the run time

“After successful test of fluting, we converted all wheels necessary to grind this tool to Eagle wheels and were able to knock off almost 40% of the run time (from 22 min. to 14 min.) and extend truing intervals by 4x (from 50 parts to 200 parts). Also, the wheels virtually do not have to stick wheel (only after trueing to open it up) when before we were sticking after every 5 parts.”

Reduced Fluting time by 22 minutes

Eagle Pro Flute 2 versus Tyrolit Startec Wheel

Machine – Walter Helitronic Mini Power 35HP

Wheel 1V1 -45 Fluting

Tool – 25mm 6 flute Form Cutter

Competitors wheel federate – 1.5″/Min…… Eagle Wheel Feedrate 6.0″/Minute

Tools ground before Dressing – Tyrolit – 50 pcs……Pro Flute 2 – 100 pcs

Cycle Time – Tyrolit – 31:00 min…..Pro Flute 2 – 8:30 min

Cycle Time reduced by 72.5%


Fluting time reduced by 73%

Radiac BX703 versus Pro Flute 1

Machine Walter Helitronic Mini Power – 13HP – 1V1 – 45 degree – 1/2″ 5 flute endmill

Feedrate – Radiac Wheel 2″/minute ….Eagle wheel 8″/minute

Cycle Time – Radiac Wheel 4:47….Eagle Wheel 1:18


Fluting Wheel 10 minutes off cycle time

Evan said “Hey that little pro flute 3 wheel (51051) I bought from you guys is really kicking butt.

I cut over 10 minutes off of my total cycle time and could push it a lot more if I wanted. You hit a home run with this one.”


1V1 Cycle time – 55 min. to 25 min.

Glenn said that the 44007 1V1/15 wheel has reduced his cycle time from 55 minutes to 25 minutes on a 6 flute tool. Says the wheel has knocked everything else out of the park.