Carbide Grinding Wheels

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Carbide Grinding Wheel

carbide grinding wheelGrinding carbide can sometimes be difficult especially if the carbide has a high cobalt content .  Choosing a carbide grinding wheel is based on your needs is very important to get the right result. The grade of the carbide can also impact the performance of the grinding wheel, especially if you are using a diamond grinding wheel. If the carbide grade is soft it will cause more wear and tear to the wheel, alternatively for increased performance for carbide grinding, use a diamond grinding wheel with a high concentration of diamond. A higher concentration of diamond creates a harder wheel, boosting the longevity of the wheel and its performance. Using a diamond Superabrasive for carbide grinding ensures there is nothing better, offering a better investment with superior quality and performance.


How to use carbide grinding wheel for best results

If you choose to use a diamond wheel for carbide grinding, you will notice that they are more expensive than the conventional wheel. You will want to extend the life of your wheel as best as you can. There are a variety of things you can do to extend the life of carbide grinding wheel that will lead to high removal rates. A few factors that should be taken into mind to provide these benefits are wheel speed, feed rate work speed and the type of coolant used.


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