Carbide Grinding Wheel

Eagle Superabrasives expertise in the machining of carbide materials, make us a reliable source for your carbide grinding wheel needs. Along with our expertise in the area, we are a premier supplier of high-performance carbide grinding wheels as well as many other superabrasive supplies. With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 Diamond, CBN and Carbide grinding wheel in stock at our Hickory, NC, headquarters, we can typically ship ninety-percent of orders in the same day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days. 

Carbide Grinding Wheels

Selecting a carbide grinding wheel that will get the job done correctly every time, not just the first time is essential when looking for the correct wheel. Our engineers at Eagle Superabrasives recommend using our diamond wheel as your carbide grinding wheel. The extreme hardness, thermal conductivity, wear resistance of diamond make it extremely beneficial for grinding carbides without the fear of losing productivity time as well as cost.

Diamond Wheels for Grinding Carbides

 Our diamond wheels are manufactured with polycrystalline diamonds(PCD). Using PCD offers the hardness, strength and abrasion resistance that naturally occurring diamonds do, however they don’t have the susceptibility to fracturing. Limiting the fracturing that occurs between the diamond crystals, results in a hard wheel that last longer without losing its productivity. 

Benefits of Diamond as a Carbide Grinding Wheel

Diamond Wheels have a long wheel life, however there are a few other added benefits. An added benefit of PCD is the wide selection of diamond grade available to match your needs. Excellent surface finishes, typically use a less abrasive application, a fine grain diamond. Diamonds in the medium grade range are an all purpose application. Diamonds that are coarse are used in rough machining where the surface finish may not be as important. 


Trust the experts

Carbide Grinding Wheels typically do not break down from wear, unlike conventional grinding wheels. The breakdown of the bonding agent used to adhere the wheel to the metal core is usually the reason for performance issues. Our chemist and engineers work year-round to improve the bonding structures to ensure that our carbide grinding wheels won’t break down prematurely. If you have specific questions regarding carbide grinding wheels or need advice about which wheel would work best for you, contact the experts at Eagle Superabrasives. Our experienced staff will provide support and advice along the way. With unparalleled customer service, superior products and fast shipping, Eagle Superabrasives is an easy choice for all your grinding needs. Contact us today to place an order!