Vitrified-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels

Eagle Superabrasives is one of the premier suppliers of diamond, CBN and CDX grinding wheels in the United States. 90% of orders are shipped same-day from our North Carolina headquarters. Custom orders can be manufactured and shipped in as little as seven days.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

Fine Diamond Vitrified Bond

Diamond grinding wheels are one of the most advanced superabrasives in the industry. Diamond is the hardest material known, so it makes for an ideal superabrasive when working with difficult-to-grind materials.

We recommend using a diamond grinding wheel when grinding carbide, glass, ceramics, quartz, ferrite and other non-ferrous materials.

Diamond isn’t recommended working with ferrous materials, such as various types of steel, due to its carbon makeup. CBN wheels are preferred for these materials, and are also manufactured by and available through Eagle.


Vitrified Bonds for Diamond Grinding Wheels

One of the bond systems offered for our diamond wheels is vitrified.

The combination of the vitrified bonds high thermal stability and its ability to maintain wheel structure allows for a more efficient coolant delivery to the grinding area of contact.  This quality is a key component in providing longer wheel life.

Diamond grinding wheels don’t typically lose their productivity from the diamond particle itself.  Instead, wheel breakdown results from the wear of the bonding layer containing the diamond particles.

Our chemists and engineers are constantly developing and testing new bonding techniques to ensure that our bonds don’t prematurely breakdown, allowing the wheels to provide the most productivity possible. We customize our diamond grinding wheels to your preferences and have multiple bond options available, including resin, vitrified, hybrid and metal bonds. Each bond is specialized to the material that you’re working with.

Feel free to ask our experienced staff which bond and wheel type would best fit your needs.


Trust the Experts

The price of a diamond grinding wheel can make it hard to understand the benefits of replacing cheaper conventional grinding wheels. However, the superior wheel life and performance provided by diamond grinding wheels will quickly become apparent once in use.

Our experienced staff will provide support and advice throughout the process of finding the right wheel for you. With unparalleled customer service, superior products and fast shipping, Eagle Superabrasives is an easy choice for all your grinding needs.

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