CBN Grinding Wheels | Working with DTG Materials

If you’re in the market for superabrasive wheels that will save you money and increase productivity, talk to us at Eagle Superabrasives. We manufacture and supply Diamond Wheels, CBN Wheels and CDX Wheels, guaranteed to be able to tackle the hardest of materials.

What are CBN Wheels?

CBN for a resin bond wheel

CBN is short for Cubic Boron Nitride. It is a man-made material that rivals the strength and hardness of diamond. Diamond has almost always been known as the hardest material available, however, diamond is limited to grinding certain materials. For example, you cannot effectively grind ferrous metals with diamond wheels. This is because the carbon atoms in the diamond react with the iron in the steel, causing the crystal structure of the diamond to collapse. CBN Wheels have a crystalline structure the same as diamond, however, cBN is created using boron and nitrogen which allows for the grinding of ferrous materials with no structural collapse.

CBN Wheels

CBN Wheels have significant advantages, some of which include great form retention over long grinding times, capability of running at higher removal rates as well as higher thermal conductivity allowing for longer work times. CBN wheels are typically used for grinding ferrous metals such as hardened steel and super alloys, where diamond is ineffective. Eagle Superabrasives high performance CBN Wheels are built with in house proprietary bonding techniques.

CBN for electoplated wheels

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