CBN Grinding Wheels vs Hardened Steels

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CBN Wheels

CBN wheelsCBN stands for cubic boron nitride, a man made material that is close second for hardness when compared to diamond. Diamond may be the harder material, however, cBN is better when grinding ferrous materials due to a reaction that takes place when using Diamond wheels on ferrous metals. At high temperatures, diamond begins to lose its hardness while cBN maintains its strength and hardness. A cBN wheel, however, is not as effective when grinding carbide materials as a diamond wheel would be.

CBN Wheels vs Hardened Steels

CBN wheels are the best choice when it comes to grinding steels. Unlike diamond which loses its carbon atoms when grinding steel, CBN wheels operate perfectly at the higher temperatures generated when grinding these metals. CBN has an extremely good thermal conductivity, tolerates the heat of the grinding process and the dissipates the heat through the bond of the wheel.

Our chemist and engineers at Eagle Superabrasives work constantly on advancing our bonding systems to ensure that our grinding wheel bonds are perfectly suited to the application. If you would like to read more about our CBN Wheels, click here.

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