CBN Grinding Wheels vs Diamond Wheels

CBN Wheels and Diamond Wheels

CBN wheelsCBN wheels and Diamond wheels are ideal for high performance grinding operations and both wheel types have unique characteristics that outperform the other for specific grinding operations. CBN wheels will be used when grinding ferrous metal and diamond wheels in non-ferrous metals. These superabrasive wheels have successfully been used in many grinding applications where the operators were previously using conventional abrasive wheels. The cost of the wheels may seem daunting at first, if you’re used to working with conventional wheels, however they are very cost effective in high volume production.

Why CBN Wheels?

CBN stands for cubic boron nitride, it’s a man-made material that rivals the hardness of diamond. CBN Wheels are great for grinding hardened steels, where diamond is not. Diamond is composed of pure carbon and is produced under high heat and pressure. When Diamond is used to grind hardened steel it causes a chemical reaction and essentially begins to form graphite and lose it strength. So what makes CBN better for working with hardened steels? CBN is not composed of carbon atoms, instead it is formed with boron and nitride under pressure and heat. Grinding hardened steels produces high temperatures, CBN has a great thermal conductivity, keeping it cool under extreme heat. If you would like to read more about CBN Wheels click here.

Why Diamond Wheels?

Diamond is widely known as being the hardest material for grinding and sharpening. It is cost effective when working with carbide, glass, ceramics, ferrite and non-ferrous metals. The biggest advantage of using a diamond wheel is its hardness and also its high thermal conductivity. The high thermal conductivity, allows the diamond crystals to transfer heat away from the cutting edge of the wheel and, when necessary, dissipate the thermal energy through the bond and grinding wheel body.

Both Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels are excellent choices for superabrasive wheels depending on the grinding application. Each wheel contains an advantage over the other, also depending on the material being ground. The experts at Eagle Superabrasives will be able to answer any questions regarding which superabrasive will be best for you and the material that you are working with. Contact us today to place an order and be sure to ask about same-day shipping!