CBN Grinding Wheels Properties

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CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN grinding wheelsDiamond is created when carbon is kept under an intense pressure for many years. However, due to its carbon makeup, diamond is not suitable for grinding or machining ferrous materials such as steel. Grinding ferrous materials with diamond, causes the diamond to lose its hardness. The ferrous material breaks away the carbon atoms in the diamond. To combat this problem, CBN was created from the cubic form of boron and nitrogen. CBN has a hardness second to diamond, however it has a high thermal stability and is used for working with ferrous materials. Eagle Superabrasives always recommends using CBN grinding wheels when working with ferrous metals.


CBN wheels are typically self sharpening and, assuming they are being used correctly, they rarely need dressing. As the cBN particle wears down it becomes rounded over and less effective. The stress placed on the the CBN particle is too great and the coating around the particle cannot hold it in the bond. The particle is stripped out leaving the surround softer bond. The bond wears quickly exposing the next, sharp, abrasive particle and the process repeats. Our wheels are built with the correct bonds that our chemist and engineers specially formulate in house for specific applications. We offer a variety of bonds for our CBN grinding wheels including Phenolic Resin, Polyimide Resin, metal bond, Vitrified and Hybrid bond. All of which can be custom made to fit your needs. If you would like to read more about CBN Wheels click here.


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