CBN Grinding Wheels | Cubic Boron Nitride

Eagle Superabrasives Glass Grinding Wheel lineup, are developed by our very own team of engineers to ensure high-performance grinding. With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, CDX and CBN wheels in stock at our Hickory, NC, location we can ship ninety-percent of orders same-day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days.

Superabrasives are tools that are used for precision grinding. They offer many advantages over ordinary abrasive wheels due to their extraordinary hardness, unparalleled performance, and longevity. Eagle Superabrasives specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of superabrasives including CBN, CDX and Diamond.

CBN Wheels

CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride is the second hardest cutting tool material after the naturally occuring diamond mineral. Our CBN wheels are tailored precision high-performance tools for high-end applications and precision at the highest level. Our bonds were developed in house by our team of chemist and engineers to ensure the integrity of our wheels for optimal wheel life. Optimal wheel life, allows for fewer wheel changes which saves you money and increases production time. Our CBN Wheels show the lowest wear, even under the toughest of conditions when working with difficult to grind (DTG) materials. Another added advantage of CBN wheels is its high stock removal rate and its ability to remain cool under intense heats.

Trust the experts

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