CBN Grinding Wheels are a Superabrasive

cbn grinding wheelsWhether you need diamond-tipped sharpening wheels, electroplated wheels or CBN grinding wheels, the experts at Eagle Superabrasives have what you’re looking for. With an expansive inventory of over 6,000 wheels at their Hickory, NC, location, Eagle Superabrasives is a leading supplier of superabrasives in the United States.

Diamond wheels are superior at grinding tungsten carbide or glass. But because of diamond’s carbon content, diamond wheels can form carbides with the elements found in steel when heated. This reaction can damage both the diamond wheel and the steel material.

CBN grinding wheels are ideal for industrial grinding of hardened steel tools. Because the wheel is coated in the Borazon crystal, it can withstand high temperatures and disperse heat quickly. CBN grinding wheels remove more stock at a higher degree of accuracy than other superabrasives available today. And because the Borazon crystal rivals the diamond in hardness, jewelers use CBN grinding wheels to easily cut through diamonds.

Industry Standard

A variety of industries prefer to use diamond and CBN grinding wheels for their superabrasive needs. Eagle Superabrasives manufactures wheels for knife grinding, saw grinding, paper converting, automotive and aerospace industries. And because we manufacture all of our wheels, we can create diamond and CBN grinding wheels as thin as 0.2mm and as large as 700mm in diameter.

We use our extensive knowledge of bond systems to ensure that all of our wheels are properly bonded. Depending on the intended application, we use polyimide, phenolic, metal and hybrid bonds on grinding wheels. And we produce wheels on more than six different core materials. By taking bonds and cores into account, we produce diamond and CBN grinding wheels that increase productivity and last longer. Which saves you time and money.

If you have any questions, our experience technical support staff are willing and able to provide you with any advice and assistance you made need regarding purchasing diamond and CBN wheels. Our quality products and superior service make Eagle Superabrasives an easy choice for meeting all your superabrasive needs. Contact us today!