CBN Grinding Wheel Performance

cbn wheelThe CBN wheel rivals the diamond wheel for its abrasive qualities, making them both preferred wheels for industrial grinding. At Eagle Superabrasives, we manufacture a vast selection of CBN and diamond wheels making us a leading supplier of High Performance superabrasives in the United States.

Borazon is one of the hardest known materials in the world it is the cubic form of boron nitride (CBN). The crystal forms when equal parts of boron and nitrogen are heated together. Prior to the production of Borazon, diamond was the preferred abrasive used for grinding very hard material and superalloys. However, because steels carbon content breaks down diamond at high temperatures, diamond wheels could not effectively grind steels.

Now, a CBN wheel is the industry standard for machining hard metals, cast irons and cobalt-based superalloys. A CBN wheel can grind through more material at a higher temperature than a diamond wheel. And because it can withstand higher temperatures than a diamond, a CBN wheel is the ideal abrasive for jewelry making, glass cutting and in industrial applications to shape steel tools.

The way the wheel works is this. During the grinding operation each exposed cBN particle is cutting, the cBN particle eventually microfractures, eventually becomes dull and ineffective at cutting, and the bond eventually breaks down, tearing the cBN section out, this then exposes the next cBN particle.

cBN comes in different types and there are different coatings available, the amount of coating on the cBN affects how well it is held in the bond (and thus the hardness of the wheel). Here at Eagle Superabrasives, our extensive knowledge of advanced formulations ensures that we’re using the correct bonds on all our CBN and diamond wheels.

We offer three types of bonds for our CBN wheels:

Hybrid Bond

We heat our mixture of specially selected alloys, ceramics and diamond powders in controlled furnaces. The resulting bond features impressive stock removal rates and tool edge retention that was previously unheard of. cBN Hybrid bonds are now an industry standard for all manufacturing of Ferrous-based steel end reamers, drills and mills.

Resin Bond

One of the most common bond systems for grinding Ferrous tools, a resin bond offers good elasticity, superior grinding performance and impressive surface finish at a cost-effective price. We can manufacture a cBN wheel with a phenolic resin for wet or dry grinding, centerless grinding or off-hand grinding. But a polyimide resin is a superior bonding agent if the wheel needs to withstand greater stock removal, higher temperature tolerance or better form holding.

Vitrified Bond

A vitrified bond cBN wheel is perfect for grinding camshaft and crankshafts. This kind of bond is extremely aggressive, requiring less dressing and offering longer truing intervals than resin bonds. These wheels are ideal for cool cutting and high production grinding.

No matter the application, the professionals at Eagle Superabrasives expertly manufacture and stock the CBN wheel you need. Give us a call and let us help you select the right superabrasive today!